The Dating Fast

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The Dating Fast

40 Days to Reclaim Your Heart, Body, and Soul

Frustrated by failed relationships, unsatifying dating, and casual sex? Take the 40-day dating fast to reconnect with your spiritual core. Katherine Becker's daily readings will help you clarify your intentions and guide you towards the everlasting love you were made for.

Many women dream of a loving relationship that will last a lifetime. After years of fruitless dating they rearrange their priorities and lose sight of the love they deserve. InThe Dating Fast, Katherine Becker offers Catholic women a Christ-centered approach to love and healing.

During a 40-day fast from dating, you will gain clarity about romance by reawakening your relationship with Christ, the source of all love. Each day features a specific action, such as a reflection, activity, or prayer, to help you discern the life that God is calling you to lead.

The Dating Fast will help you:

  • Put your dating priorities in order
  • Recognize your own deepest desires
  • Appreciate the value of your family
  • Gain clarity about what you are looking for in a future spouse
  • Discern where Christ is leading you
  • Heal from past wounds
Reviews and endorsements

“It’s brilliant. If you read and live this book you will discover a clarity that most people never have when it comes to relationships!”
Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of The Seven Levels of Intimacy and The Rhythm of Life


“In order to be truly ready for a romantic relationship, you must first love and respect yourself. Katherine Becker’s forty-day dating fast is an excellent tool for self-reflection to understand yourself better and grow in love, confidence and faith. Following this fast will better prepare you for relationships, and is a solid step toward a fulfilling life, with or without a spouse.”
Anita A. Chilpala, Relationship Reality 312, Inc.


“This remarkable book serves as a powerful, practical antidote to so many romantic frustrations.  I’m certain I’ll be quoting The Dating Fast’s transformational wisdom again and again.”
Pete Mockatis, author of Team Up: Becoming Accountable To Your Dreams


"Katherine Becker writes from the heart in this honest reflection of her journey. It has been a joy and honor to work with her through the path of healing and spiritual growth. She gives witness in her life and in this book that loving truly is worth the risk . . . (Becker) challenges each of us to exercise the courage needed to trust in God and trust in Him to lead us to the fulfillment of our hearts' desires."
Fr. Luke A. Spannagel, episcopal vicar for rural life of the diocese of Peoria, Illinois

Paperback / 128 pages
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