A Crisis of Saints

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A Crisis of Saints

The Call to Heroic Faith in an Unheroic World

EWTN host Fr. George Rutler exposes the spiritual decline of society today, revealing how moral weakness pervades both secular and religious worlds and how the practice of heroic virtues can offer the strength our times desperately need.

Drawing freely from history, contemporary events, and his own experience with Catholics around the globe, Fr. Rutler discusses the loss of the prophetic voice and reminds us of the need to proclaim what is distinctive about Catholic faith.

Major themes include unchanging faith in a changing world, the Fatherhood of God, sacred liturgy, Rome and the Universal Church, and the special value of Catholic literature.

“Christian heroism comes in many forms, most of them not spectacular. In ranging widely over Christian history to shed light on challenges to Christian fidelity in the 21st century, Fr. Rutler richly illustrates the breadth of the heroic among ordinary as well as extraordinary Christians. At the same time he demonstrates time and again how the Christian proposal contains the most radical ideas of the human person, human community, human origins, and human destiny on offer in the world today. Meet Father George William Rutler as he summons all the people of the Church to be the saints they were baptized to be.”
George Weigel (from the foreword)

Paperback / 224 pages
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