The Challenge of Inequality

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Front Cover of The Challenge of Inequality

The Challenge of Inequality

In this treatise, author Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga offers a clear analysis of the expansion of economic inequality and its root causes, followed by a review of suggested solutions, and a hopeful outlook based on new model of economic and human growth.

Maradiaga is one of the most outspoken members of the Catholic hierarchy when it comes to the growing inequality around the world. As one of the church's most informed experts on social issues, Maradiaga holds that it is imperative for any Christian community to look at the dire state of social justice in the world, and to work for positive change. However, to do so requires a clear understanding of the issues at hand, and a comprehensive practice based on the laws of ethics. The Challenge of Inequality is perfect anyone who is ready to study the urgent issue of social disparity, and is willing to work for a better world.

We invite you to study the question of income inequality in a Christian context. Not solely a theoretical topic among economists, but a burning concern to everyone working for a more just world the challenge of inequality requires our efforts to understand and our active compassion.

Reviews and endorsements

“If a prophet is a figure who with courage and compassion denounces what is wrong with the present and not just someone who predicts the future-after all, we have economists for that!-then Maradiaga belongs to the admittedly thin ranks of genuine prophets.”

—Stefano Zamagni, From the Introduction

Paperback / 76 pages
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