A Blessing to Each Other

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A Blessing to Each Other

A Blessing to Each Other

A New Account of Jewish and Christian Relations

This book gives a new account of the story of Jewish and Christian relations. It focuses on the little-known instances of goodwill and cooperation that occurred between Christians and Jews throughout history. Moments and eras marked by teamwork and trust have been overshadowed by narratives that concentrate on the tragic past. 

Reviews and endorsements

“Moore offers a fresh approach to contemporary Christian-Jewish dialogue and its history, accentuating positive gains as much as the legacy of hostility and misunderstanding. Her passionate, nuanced, and convincing call here for “deep equality” is yet one more positive advance in Christian-Jewish dialogue.”

—Rabbi Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus
Professor of Religion, Wheaton College (MA)


“Customary certitudes about Jewish-Christian relations have been challenged by more recent hopeful discoveries which enabled Rebecca Moore to build a solid case for a newer, more equitable relationships. Many scholars and religious leaders are cognizant of these insights which Dr. Moore now makes accessible to non-experts. She succeeds emphatically in this task.”

—Paul Mojzes
Emeritus co-editor of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies


Paperback / 314 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9