Awaken to Your Own Call

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Awaken to Your Own Call

Exploring a Course in Miracles

A leading interpreter of A Course in Miracles presents a comprehensive introduction to its principles. This thoughtful guide to a modern spiritual classic explains every major term and offers applications of the Course’s wisdom to everyday life.

First published in 1976, A Course in Miracles has sold more than a million copies without any sales promotion. Jon Mundy, a friend and associate of the principals of A Course in Miracles brings his extensive background on the subject to an illuminating discussion of a popular, powerful, and transformational work.

Reviews and endorsements

"Mundy is well qualified to write this introduction to the popular New Age spiritual classic textbook, workbook, and manual for teachers, A Course in Miracles, first published in 1976. He worked closely with its 'scribe' and publisher. This work explains A Course [in Miracles] view of the illusory nature of human problems and the true nature of reality while articulating the belief that 'There is nothing we have to do except to wake up to realize who we already are. In truth we are one Self united with our Creator.' This book will be useful for those who feel intimidated by the length of A Course [in Miracles] as well as by those already involved in the book who want the individual parts put into larger perspective. Recommended for public libraries and New Age collections."
Library Journal

"I have always felt that Jon Mundy does a wonderful job of explaining the Course."
Beverly Hutchinson, the Miracles Distribution Center


"My personal study of A Course in Miracles has been aided by Jon’s writing. It is both inspiring and informative, a much-needed addition to the life of a student of the Course."
Virginia Mollenkott, author of Women, Men and the Bible


"Jon Mundy is a voice of clarity in presenting a pure and practical approach to studying the Course."
Hal Lafler, Southwest Miracles Center


"I am grateful to Jon Mundy for his heartfelt work and great service."
Alan Cohen, author of The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore


"Jon uses the awakening theme as his framework for exploring A Course in Miracles. Essentially, it is a book about the Course and how it can help us live in the world. Part I, which comprises almost half the book, begins with a brief account of the story of the Course, a glimpse of Jon's personal story, and how these stories intersected in 1975 when Jon first met Helen Schucman, the scribe of the Course. Jon goes on to introduce a number of key elements of the Course's thought system, interspersing frequent quotations from the Course with some personal anecdotes, comparative biblical references, and occasional insights into Christian theology and Eastern spiritual thought, all of which serve to enhance his explanations of the teachings of the Course. Part I gives the book solid credibility as an introductory tool, particularly for Course students who have come from a mainstream Christian background, as Jon has . . .

Part II is styled 'Application of the Course,' and focusses on specialness, on converting our special relationships into holy ones and on the concept of forgiveness, which is the cornerstone of the Course. Jon concludes Part I with the idea that 'we need do nothing' except awaken to our own call and realize the truth of who we are.

In Part III, Jon goes deeper into the metaphysics of the Course, exploring such concepts as the unreality of our bodies and the world, our spiritual reality, the illusion of death (with references to his own near-death experience), the message of the crucifixion and resurrection, Heaven and hell, and the illusion of time. It is in this Part that readers are introduced in some depth to the idea that the world we think we see and experience 'out there' is but a reflection of the thoughts we choose to think with our minds.

The metaphysics of Part III provide a foundation for the final Part, which is about awakening to our own call, to our reality, to the Truth, or however we may choose to phrase the idea. Jon writes about the Love of God and the Happy Dream (which is our experience of the world when we have awakened to Love as our reality), and closes with a section on 'Fulfilling Personal Destiny.' What I took from Jon's commentary is that our destiny is really a call to fulfil God's Will, a call 'to help in building a harmonious universe,' a call to forgive. Whatever it is I am able and willing to do in the world can be offered in God's service, rather than in the service of the ego. Whether I choose to be a lawyer or a musician, I fulfil my destiny by doing it in the service of God. I fulfil it by becoming a teacher of God.

I found the most compelling message for me, personally, on the second last page of the book. It was in direct response to a fearful voice I had been hearing in my mind off and on, warning me of the risks involved in awakening to my call from God. Jon's off-setting message read as follows:

'We may pray to God for money if we are hungry or have a great need, but it is more important that the spirit of abundance fill our hearts. Pray for inspiration and get out of the way. Pray that the wealth of Heaven might fill you. Do not worry about how you are going to live. Work on doing what you are supposed to be doing. Go ahead. Get started. Do it. Move forward. Get something done on the project you understand you are supposed to be working on. Do not let the issue of personal survival overwhelm you.'

I found those words to be of great inspiration. I have shared them with others, who have also found strength in them. For me it was a wonderful conclusion to a book I really enjoyed: for its understanding of the Course, for its frequent allusions to the broader context of spiritual thought, for its personal touches and for its humour. I think it is a book that will appeal to a wide readership."
Alan Reid

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