Against an Infinite Horizon

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Front Cover for Against an Infinite Horizon

Against an Infinite Horizon

The Finger of God in Our Everyday Lives

Filled with personal anecdotes, healing wisdom, and fresh reflections on scripture, Against an Infinite Horizon, one of Fr. Ronald Rolheiser’s most beloved books, leads us to a deeper experience of the beauty and poetry of Christian spirituality.

We are built, according to Rolheiser, for communion with God; our spirits are geared towards infinity. This orientation often leaves us frustrated and longing when we face the reality of lives that don’t add up to the boundless potential that we sense in ourselves and in the world. Rolheiser points to the common source of yearning that we all share and guides us towards a cultivation of attitudes and practices that can help satisfy our desire for the divine.

An uplifting and mind-expanding exploration of life’s vital lessons and sacred blessings as revealed in literature, culture, and everyday events.

Reviews and endorsements

“I call Rolheiser’s book my ‘automobile volume,’ which is to say that it was tucked away in my car so I could pick it up while waiting, for example, for my daughter to get out of school for the day. The book could well be used by the homilist or the retreatant or those who simply have a bit of time waiting for the school bell to ring.”
Lawrence Cunningham, Commonweal


“Especially helpful [is] the chapter on social justice and that on paschal imagination, both of which contain insights likely to invite a measure of conversion.”
Sr. Rosemarie Carfagna, OSU, Emmanuel


“Will speak to those who seek inner peace in the midst of a restless yearning for God, self-understanding, and acceptance of the frailty of humanity.”
Patricia Kennedy, O.S.B.

Paperback / 240 pages
Dimensions: 5 3/8 x 8 1/4