New Voices in Catholic Theology

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New Voices in Catholic Theology

The Church in the 21st Century Center

Former students of professor Michael J. Buckley, share essays that are informed and inspired by the theologian’s teachings and attentive mentoring. Emerging from a vibrant intellectual community of prayer and scholarship, the work continues the theological conversation that Buckley initiated.

A Boston college symposium in honor of Michael J. Buckley in 2009 drew together many bright young theologians who had been mentored and guided by the great teacher. This collection of essays explores topics discussed in Buckley’s work that his students have taken up and extended in their own scholarship.

Nicholas Lash, Grant Kaplan, Anna Bonta Moreland, Dominic Doyle, Christian Krokus, Joseph Curran, Brian W. Hughes, John Montag, Richard W. Miller, Cara Anthony, Randall S. Rosenberg, and Thomas M. Kelly contribute scholarship that speaks to a multitude of themes including social justice, divine providence, the trinity, religious pluralism, interreligious dialogue, dissent, Vatican II, and much more.

An exciting presentation of some of the best original work in theology today and a tribute to the legacy of a passionate scholar and an intellectually, spiritually, and socially devoted teacher.

Reviews and endorsements

“The fruit of a golden age of graduate theology at Boston College, this collection is a tribute from former students to a great theologian and prodigious mentor, Michael J. Buckley, SJ.  But even more than that, this is a window onto the world of US Catholicism's vibrant younger theologians, a new generation taking up the traditions of serious theology, dialoguing with contemporary and classical theorists, and addressing some of the pressing questions emerging from interreligious dialogue, globalization, secularization, and a changing Church.   A valuable volume for anyone interested in theology's future. “
Paul G. Crowley, SJ, Jesuit community professor of theology, Santa Clara University


“These highly interesting essays, written by so many articulate and passionately committed persons, are timely, informative, and a joy to read. The central issues of these volumes are of such critical importance for the Church today that one can only pray that these studies will trigger further sustained conversation, and God willing, serve as a catalyst for real action.”
Larry Cunningham, John A. O’Brien professor of theology, The University of Notre Dame

Paperback / 350 pages
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