How to Understand Church and Ministry in the United States

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How to Understand Church and Ministry in the United States

This handbook is for Catholics who are interested in contributing to the life of their church. A must-read for lay leaders who, in this era, will be doing the work of the church as laity has never done before.

An introduction to the unique contributions and challenges of the Catholic church in the United States throughout it's history. This volume includes a discussion of the diverse ministries in the United States, the United States' relationship to the universal church, and the changes Catholicism must face in the future.

Reviews and endorsements

"Enthusiastically recommended!"
St. Anthony Messenger


"Highly recommended!"
Library Journal


"Unreservedly recommended!"
The Living Church

"Regina Coll, in her book How to Understand Church and Ministry in the Church in the United States, has captured the enthusiasm and the essence of Catholicism. She has conveyed those elements in a historical manner while keeping the subject readable and enlightening.

Beginning with its roots, through the post-Vatican II era and beyond, Regina Coll has explored and developed [such] areas as 'Who Is Catholic,' 'Ministry in All Its Diversity,' and 'Issues Facing the Church of the Future.' The reader is transported through elements and time zones which have influenced or changed how Catholics view themselves and their role in an ever-evolving community of believers. The essence of Catholicism in the United States is insightfully presented as an adventure of faith, ever unfolding, developing, maturing.

Unlike our European counterpart[s], Catholics in America are democratic in outlook and energized in dealing with issues which face them—and the issues are numerous. They range from 'Catholic-Protestant Relationships' to 'Ecumenism'; from the celibacy issue to the ordination of women to the priesthood. These are topics of concern to American Catholics . . . being discussed as well as being challenged by those who view themselves as the community of God.

Throughout this book, Regina Coll enables us to observe and to embrace our unique role[s] . . . We discover that we all have atypical contributions to make while remaining one in the faith we express. Roles, once relegated to the clergy, are now being performed by lay men and women.

This book is written in a style easy to read, well-illustrated, and the source material is well-documented. Its developmental structure lends itself to group discussions, classroom settings, or individual enrichment.

This book serves well as a clear, enlightening adventure to Catholicism, past, present, and future in the United States."
Anthony P. Wesolowski, O.S.B. Benedictine Military School, Savannah, Georgia

Paperback / 117 pages
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