How to Find True Love

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How to Find True Love

Every encounter with another person is an invitation to experience the magic of love, to transform ourselves and others, and to draw strength, happiness, and grace.  Dr. Gregory K. Popcak reveals the opportunity each day offers to nurture the gift of love.

Satisfy your heart’s deepest yearnings and feed the flames of passion, with this inspiring guide from Popcak.

A renowned marriage counselor, bestselling Christian author, and popular radio show host, Popcak reveals the key qualities and skills needed for attaining and sustaining the most coveted asset in human experience—true love.

Entertaining and practical, this important resource uses real-life examples to teach crucial lessons that are easy to understand and incorporate. Learn to see and seize the opportunities that each day offers for opening your heart to giving and receiving love.

Reviews and endorsements

"Greg Popcak has a great gift for expressing the deepest truths of human life in clear, down-to-earth language. In How to Find True Love he invites us to move beyond the superficial images so popular in our culture and to look into the heart of a great mystery: that we were created for love, that real love changes even those of us who don’t want to be changed by it, and that it is only by having the courage to be open to real love, in all its forms, that we become the people God wants us to be. This is a beautiful and very helpful book.”
Dan Connors, editor-in-chief, Catholic Digest


"Love makes the world go round . . . Greg Popcak knows it does and will persuade you that love can be true . . . for you. Popcak’s pen is trained by thousands of hours of clinical experience, rich study, deep prayer, and the experience of being a husband and a father. He is a man who knows how to love and is loved. He’s also a masterful communicator who knows the power of stories. Get out and find How to Find True Love. If you don’t need to read it, rest assured, 90 percent of the rest of us do. Hand it out to your sister, son, sitter, surgeon, or soprano in the church choir. Dr. Popcak writes with a fresh, universally accessible style that can’t fail to enrich all who read. Fear not, love will not only find a way, it will become your way after reading How to Find True Love.
Al Kresta, president/CEO, Ave Maria Radio and host “Kresta in the Afternoon”

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