Crossroad Catholic Catalog 2013-2014

Front Cover for Crossroad Catholic Catalog 2013

Crossroad Catholic Catalog 2013-2014

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Dear reader,

Catholic means universal. The word implies “wholeness,” “openness,” and “cosmopolitanism.” This range of meanings reflects our belief that Christ has come to and for the whole world. The Church has wrestled since her birth at Pentecost with the task of sharing Christ’s message with the diversity of peoples and civilizations, through the tumults of fallen human history. Vastly differing ideas persist among professed Catholics, who need to learn from each other. It is our mission to offer a forum where these ideas, experiences, and insights can find a space, and make a contribution.
Please peruse our catalog to find the time-tested and the new, the proven and the daring, the living voice of a Church.

Gwendolin Herder, Publisher