Better Than We Believed

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Better Than We Believed

How to Apply the Vision That is Faith to the Struggle That is Life

Father Robert Cormier presents the true stories of believers who dared to ask tough questions of God at moments of crisis, and who in turn received real, eye-opening, and ultimately good news about the resilience of their faith.

Presuming nothing that both traditional believers and critical-thinking searchers will not find in their hearts, Better Than We Believed presents a strikingly clear concept of faith that answers the unhappiness of people you will recognize:

•  MARK, who struggles with anger
•  IRENE, who battles stress
•  HENRY, who is consumed by hatred
•  GLORIA, who has been betrayed
•  BRIAN, who suffers depression
•  MARY, who feels trapped by her duty to a loved one
•  JOY, who can’t get over a loved one’s death, and
•  JAMES, who knows that he is dying

As we witness this faith applied to these and other serious struggles, we will see how it can transform our own experience, and offer us peace, purpose, and joy.



Reviews and endorsements

"When I first picked up Better Than We Believed I read it slowly, not to miss the richness of it. I also read it slowly because I didn't want it to end. When it did, my instinct was to send copies out to relatives and friends, I didn't want them to be without it! This was a book that the whole world needs to read.

This author has done a wonderful job addressing all our worries and fears and giving us a way to live our lives in peace knowing that what our faith gives us is even Better Than We Believed."
Roseanne Pezolla, artist, illustrator, and former parishioner of Father Bob at Saint Mary’s Church, Rutherford, New Jersey


Uncompromised faith is something with which many people struggle. We're all plagued at one time or another with sins of the spirit that keep us from our potential and drag us through life with shame, hatred, or depression. In a straight forward manner, the author takes us through the lives of several people and how they broke through to the other side of their doubts, fears, shortcomings, and human failings through the edification of the spirit. He gives us conversations with real life people with honest human experiences, in situations we can all relate to, and shows us a world in which faith, viewed through the proper lens, is there for all us to experience. Whether you're a devout believer or new to faith, you'll be uplifted by the deep humanity and resultant over-arcing sense of joy woven into each paradigm.

−US Review

Paperback / 192 pages
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