2015 Emerging Wisdom Catalog

Front Cover of 2015 Emerging Wisdom Catalog

2015 Emerging Wisdom Catalog

We promote reading as a time-tested discipline for focus and enlightenment.
We help authors shape, clarify, write, and effectively promote their ideas.
We select, edit, and distribute books.

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Dear reader,

In this catalog we share with you a collection of titles to support your own inner path as spiritual directors, as well as to deepen your work with the spiritual seekers you serve. From time-tested classics to best-selling contemporary authors, we strive to bring books of relevance for those who want to live a spiritual life in the world today. We invite you to discover the wellspring of emerging wisdom to be found within the pages of our books.
Please peruse our catalog to find the time-tested and the new, the proven and the daring, the living voice of a Church.

Your friends at The Crossroad Publishing Company