2015 The Crossroad Bookstore Catalog

2015 The Crossroad Bookstore Catalog

2015 The Crossroad Bookstore Catalog

Dear reader,

The Crossroad Publishing Company offers a 200-year tradition of books and media on spirituality, Christian living, and religious thought.

We promote reading as a time-tested discipline for focus and enlightenment.
We help authors shape, clarify, write, and effectively promote their ideas.
We select, edit, and distribute books.

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Crossroad and its theological imprint Herder & Herder, offers a list of extraordinary authors, including teachers, mystics, counselors, theologians, and church leaders. All are passionately devoted to pushing the boundaries of spiritual inquiry, supporting the dignity of life, and authentic literary expression. We believe that reading can be a discipline for spiritual growth, enlightenment, and spiritual nourishment. We hope you will enjoy our books for your own reading pleasure and as gifts for those you care about.
Your Friends at The Crossroad Publishing Company